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The JavaScript community is lucky to have him, the man is a hero.
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I'm not sure if joking, or just doesn't understand what the word "framework" means.
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The reason JavaScript wasnt as necessary for sites back then is because it wasn't supported properly by all browsers, and had some gaping security flaws, so disabling it or not even having it was very common. At the time, prudence dictated the need to build for it. Neither of these are true any longer, so building for that .1% use case is not logical from a time or money perspective.

This article is basically "Pepperidge Farms remembers".
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You are very right sir, my apologies. Is there a way to take this down? Happy to correct my mistake but I cannot find a way to do it.
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Each instance of the component will render a unique style tag, however any changes to that components children will update the tag in place. The way it operates is similar to webpack's style loader, although source maps are TBD.

If there was enough requests I could look into making a single style tag, however I've never understood the benefits so if someone was willing to detail then I'm all ears.


Also, if you made this a smart component top level you could easily manage the children contents via flux yourself to create the single tag you seek.