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There are only 4 people on this topic have an opinion or point of view on this? Not even up- and down-votes?
Wow ;-(
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312	downloads in the last day
2 269	downloads in the last week
16 724	downloads in the last month  this stats aren't fair to compare with 'n', read above
30	downloads in the last day
150	downloads in the last week
691	downloads in the last month
1	downloads in the last day
33	downloads in the last week
79	downloads in the last month

attention with 'nvm', because the repository linked in the npm registry is but there aren't any updates long time, it's a fork from and there the development takes place !!

If you compare creationix/nvm with visionmedia/n on github, the winner is creationix/nvm
... but I'm using 'n' ;-) but this isn't really a recommendation, because don't need it all the time and never checked if 'n' is better than 'nvm' or vice versa.
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Your approach is interesting, but to me there is still a little discomfort. And the case study with the cache, don't convinced me to deviate from testing only the public interface.

You said, how can I test the cache functionality in a private function. However, it is easy to test this on the public interface, too.

some pseudo-code:

suite: test caching:
#second request should response content from first response:
   - set TTL 3600
   - set equal (create)timestamp  to cache-test-foo.html and test-cache-bar.html (both with different content)
   - copy test-cache-foo.html to test-cache.html
   - reqA =  request test-cache.html .. test & save response ....
   - copy test-cache-bar.html to test-cache.html
   - reqB = test-cache.html  .. test % save result
   - compare  reqA === reqB, because it should be the cached result

I think with  some more tests you can prove all cases.

And if your cache functionality achieved such great complexity, you should rather think about to  outsource it to an independent module.

Finally, it should be said, thanks for the food for thought, maybe I get in this situation, I'm be able to use your proceeding. :-)
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faster than expected ;-) -> publishing the code
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In the morning I discover the echojs feed (among others) with feedly, interesting articles I save to pocket ( and read later... 

mostly  in the evening (not today;-)) I come back to echojs and vote up the posts worth reading....  but the echojs browser-tab is permanently open, I'm inquisitive so I refreshed it in-between... often:-)

My critics:
- It's incomprehensibly that the best-of only get 10-14 upvotes - sad.
- there are only a few submitters, there a so many more interesting stuff around... why didn't contribute, it's so easy with the bookmarklet

Somewhere I read that somebody didn't know how to vote, outchhh I had not thought of that too, but there are a lot of PHP developers around >:-) ;-), so the site operator should post a guide, linked in the headline in big letters ;-) 

but after all, I will mention... "It's one of the news site I visit every day"... thanks a lot

and didn't remember where I found the link to this site, think it was HN ...
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>At the moment, the code for EchoJS Desktop is a terrible >nightmare of code and I am not willing to show it to anyone >in fear of losing my reputation.

now your reputation is gone ;-))))
but I think, you are exaggerating


looks nice, so ... do not make it exciting and publish it :)
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That was the first test, find out how to start ;-)