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mazahaca 993 days ago. link 1 point
Could you define the rules, which you follow to detect spammers? The post of my friend was deleted and I disagree with that. 
I know only one thing, I'm a developer - PHP, JS, Java and so on. I'm not a spammer. If you think in different, please define the rules. Let's everybody knows the rules of this site.
mazahaca 995 days ago. link -1 point
Fake? I'm f*cking real developer, and yes you're right few months ago we've posted about the parser, and we spent this time working on it, and just wanted to tell people about the goals we archived.
Am I wrong, that this site about news? 
This is a new, this is a new for me and for my friends, if you with your admin mind don't think so, that doesn't mean that others do the same.
So, post your own news on this resource, we'll create our own! The new one, Different one, the one where people can tell what they want and don't be banned. Eat your ass, have a nice day.