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ksmithut 464 days ago. link 1 point
Wasn’t Angular 2 released more than a year ago? I believe they’re up to 4.0 now. As a clarification, Angular 1.0 is being referred to as AngularJS, and the newer versions of Angular starting with 2.0 are referred to as Angular.
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Could be that in the project maintainer's country of origin, "guy" is not neutral. From his profile it looks like he's from Germany. I don't think this event is worth much "note" though.
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@alexhultman I want this! Is this coming in an upcoming release of uws, or is it available now?
ksmithut 706 days ago. link 3 points
So prototype exists on a function. Everytime someone uses the new keywork with
that function, the instance gets the methods defined on the prototype. The
`__proto__` property is essentially a shortcut to get the prototype of the
constructor. The `constructor` is a reference to the prototype function that
the instance was instantiated with. See the below example, hope that helps

function User(name) { = name || 'Unknown'

User.prototype.greet = function() {
  console.log('Hello ' +

var user = new User('Billy')

console.log(user.__proto__ === User.prototype) // true
console.log(user.constructor === User) // true
console.log(user.constructor.prototype === user.__proto__) // true
console.log(user.greet === user.__proto__.greet) // true
console.log(user.greet === User.prototype.greet) // true
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I've recently begun building some pretty complex web apps with React and Flux, and personally, it's been a breath of fresh air. I do agree very strongly, however, that the more we make use of the APIs built into the browsers, there will be more effort put into building out what we already have, at least you would hope. Although I really enjoy working in React, I think that I will start to utilize those APIs that can do basically the same thing without having to bring in 3rd-parties (besides shims).