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kirilloid 447 days ago. link 1 point
As a matter of fact, retry it's not very hard to write in pure promises:

    const retry = (fn, times) =>
      times >= 0
      ? fn().catch(() => retry(fn, times-1))
      : fn();
kirilloid 447 days ago. link 1 point
I don't understand the point of article at all. The only point I see is "Code *looks* like an old code from 80s". So this is bad only because it's not new and shiny? Okay.
kirilloid 461 days ago. link 1 point
That's your personal experience and personal experience depends on person and project. I had more than 3 months to work with pretty big ng1 codebase and I'm still unable to wrap my head around all these "@", ">", "=" and all ng1 cryptic syntax for property-binding.
At the same time I dived into ng2 easily (with prior RxJS and TS experience, though) w/o any guidance. Much easier than e.g. Ember.
Of course, ReactJS was even easier than ng2, but for any big app you'll need redux, redux-thunk, redux-middleware and all other bells and whistles, which makes actually learning ReactJS.
And after several years, saying I program in React will not mean anything, because do you use flux-saga (not a real thing, probably) or redux-thunk? And with Angular2+ there will be only one type.
Ng2 might never reach popularity of React, but it will have its niche in Enterprise world.
kirilloid 461 days ago. link 1 point
Pretty captain obvious-y article. Learn vanilla js & react or angular 2.
kirilloid 469 days ago. link -3 points

Exact quote:
Built to the format ES6-specified loader API from [ES6 Specification Draft Rev 27, Section 15](1), and will be updated to the [WhatWG loader API](2) as soon as it can be considered stable for implementation.


Just in case: Yes, this is *draft*. But the point in article is the following: "We need to learn something new, which is specific to Angular and isn't used elsewhere" and that's plain wrong.
kirilloid 470 days ago. link -5 points
Mostly whines from a person who worked with angular 2 for 2 weeks and doesn't even know that SystemJS is the STANDARD way to load js.
kirilloid 496 days ago. link 1 point
I'm front-end guy and I'm missing the problem with that article. Arguments in article seem reasonable, what's wrong then? Does he generalise one example of bad middleware code to all middleware or is that code even okay and he misses on the idea of middleware?
kirilloid 500 days ago. link 1 point
Are there enough hooks for state serialization for those obsessed with data compression?
kirilloid 517 days ago. link 3 points
I don't think Oracle by itself is a problem, but the article says nothing why we should use that technology, hiding a link to the site deep in the article.
So according to Oracle's site it's just another Universal Toolkit for web & hybrid mobile.

And the problem is... they're late for this game. While technology might be OK, it will never enjoy decent adoption by community.