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jaleksic 30 days ago. link 1 point
Readme is quite promising and does a good job documenting the API. But I'm left slightly confused.. so it's not just a logging library but also generates tape tests? That's super interesting, but how does that work in practice? I think an article or even better a video that showcases workflows would be great!
jaleksic 51 days ago. link 1 point
Do. At least know. Available in any programming language. Also, very handy at times - think bash, jsx, or debugging.
jaleksic 59 days ago. link 1 point
Actually... I got a little amused reading that :D
jaleksic 80 days ago. link 1 point
All have some sort of pricing model. Weird how tracking in general is scarce in js land despite of packages in abundance. Where's the oss crashlytics, where's the oss piwik for js?
jaleksic 117 days ago. link 1 point
I have a somewhat similar background. And i haven't had as much fun in frontend land as lately. Yes, complexity changed in both quality and quantity, but oh boy..the rewards! development with webpack+HMR, eslint, prettier.. babel+async/await.. i think it's just awesome. Especially with a designer sitting next and pointing fingers at the one screen, while it gets done in a matter of seconds on the other screen..
I hope you find joy again too, and soon!
jaleksic 121 days ago. link 1 point
The semicolon image is hilarious. However.. we should teach folks to set a breakpoint instead of debugger statements.
jaleksic 141 days ago. link 2 points
Good article. Not too much info, but consise. Some good comments and links. Thanks.
jaleksic 154 days ago. link 1 point
Wow, this one is even worse than the others ^^
About react: "Because of the connection between Java and HTML within a library the understanding of all the essential components is easy and fast."

Erhm... yeah whatever :D
jaleksic 158 days ago. link 1 point
This would be awesome in the sources panel of chrome devtools. We'd really get close to devtools as a full-fledged IDE
jaleksic 173 days ago. link 1 point
Haha autocorrect. Passing down people is not exactly the same as passing down props :)