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You wouldn't ... Dependency Injection is a design pattern that circumvents some of the limitations of a static OOP language, which JS isn't  ...
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I may be wrong but IMHO CLI option parsing really isn't the bottleneck in most apps. Also, it's something that's done once per execution of a program. It's a little puzzling why such an emphasis was made on performance in this repo.
israelidanny 726 days ago. link 2 points
* You gave absolutely no practical examples of what you're complaining about. No quotes, case studies, just a generalized complaint
* You opened an anonymous blank account just to single out 2 guys who give a lot to the community. Not very classy IMHO.

It all just seems like a cheap shot at two guys that try their best to contribute what they have to the industry, without much substantiation. Maybe you got offended at some comment, or that they didn't like an idea of yours, but as someone else mentioned - that's not how you resolve personal issues with someone.
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@tenofirian So you create a brand new account, just to post this? Nice trolling.
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Wait until a fork of echojs, echoio, will appear and take half the users away, but eventually they will merge and EchoJS will be at version 8.0 within months.