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gotofritz 316 days ago. link 2 points

Gosh, they still haven't blacklisted posts with the word "chennai" in the title? :-)
gotofritz 331 days ago. link 0 point
I totally agree with the general feeling of the article, and I like the suggestion to only allow const / disallow let at the top level 

I find that I often write a function which manipulates, say, an array with push or shift. Then I want to change the algorithm to use concat - oh wait I have to change `const arr = ...` to `let arr = ...`, because that's how concat works. It seems ridiculous
gotofritz 345 days ago. link 4 points
No, you posting this childish crap is harmful to the JS community. This is simply what in politics or business would be called "a robust discussion". 

Also - fuck MooTools. Really, why should the language be affected by the bad decisions someone made 10 years ago in their own obsolete and barely used library

If anything the post should have been called "MooTools is harmful to the JS Community"
gotofritz 396 days ago. link 1 point
Poor. Also most of the question are ES3, never mind ES6
gotofritz 438 days ago. link 1 point
Linkbait of little value to anyone who's done JS for more than a week