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eavichay 358 days ago. link 1 point
dependency injection in 11 lines of code
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Unfortunately nobody cares for humility. PR is the only way to get responses. Sometimes you have to troll a little bit to get the right attention. Now would you like to discuss the library itself?
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Ouch. Why do you think that, because of the syntax?
Well, your'e probably not getting to the point of using Slim.

It's not an angular replacement, It's competing with vue/react/backbone and such.
eavichay 554 days ago. link 1 point
Well then, so be it. It's a replacement for React's approach. It leverages web components and provides out-of-the-box data binding for it.
It supports the popular "angular style" syntax which is very easy to learn.
It is faster than React, easier to learn and since it is based on native components, it is more powerful as everything the browser has to offer - slim offers.