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chris-l 53 days ago. link 1 point

"Works with React and Preact." And, could it also work on its own?
chris-l 95 days ago. link 2 points
> In-fact, each time you visit a website there’s a 25% chance it’s powered by WordPress.

> "WordPress is 25% of the entire internet, let that sink in for a moment."

Perhaps I'm nitpicking too much, but internet !== the web.
chris-l 99 days ago. link 1 point
> Why did the industry move on from PHP, and what was the problem with it?

Well, the problem is that PHP is a horrible language. Here is an article about it:

I like how that article is not just a rant, but instead, it has a detailed list of some of the many issues that the language has.
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Yes, perhaps that is what the author meant with the word "they" - "they" could be the people who have the wrong idea, instead of being the closures themselves.

If the name of the article was instead "What is a closure in JavaScript and why most people have the wrong idea" I'm pretty sure it would not have all those down votes.
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Well no, in this case the mother called her son "LiveScript", so they told her "No sweetie, is JavaScript, trust us"

Jokes aside, yes, on Brendan Eich's site and tweeter account he has it as "JavaScript", with an upper case "S"

And on echojs rules is this:

* Respect the case : JavaScript, not javascript or javaScript or Javascript

So yeah, I shall do it like that.
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Is not JavaScript related, is more like "Mac users" related.
chris-l 493 days ago. link 4 points

The part about `man wc` and the ctrl-c on vim were the funniest!