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bostrt 1919 days ago. link 1 point
I've just started using Backbone.js. Articles likes this, that show good patterns and practices, are always helpful. They clear up a lot of questions about the "big picture" when creating an application.
bostrt 2000 days ago. link 2 points
Nice find. I wish npm/bower would have standard categories like this site. Also, .deb packages have standard categories, too.
bostrt 2007 days ago. link 1 point
I guess I could see why this would be useful for node.js, but still asking "why". (also, webkitception, yo dawg i heard you like webkit, <insert recursive meme here>).
bostrt 2063 days ago. link 1 point
Interesting suggestion. I'm curious to see how something like this would fly with the moderators/owners. I hope they're reading these comments!
bostrt 2064 days ago. link 4 points
I'm all for creating a separate branch for Echojs but I'm going to play devil's advocate here... Do you have any ideas (like features and design) that will build a big enough case to do something like this? 

A couple [crazy] ideas I have:
 - JavaScript syntax highlighting in comments 
 - Refactor EchoJS to use Node.js on backend. (why not write a JavaScipt news site in JavaScript?)
bostrt 2066 days ago. link 1 point
I'm glad to see this in development. *starred*. I used for a small project but quickly needed more tags than jsdox supported; also, it looks like development has slowed down considerably.