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There's also contra (disclaimer, I wrote it), which is very small in size and works even on IE6. The API is slightly different though, but more flexible.
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Hey guys, I just finished the year plus journey of writing a book, and I'm thrilled that I'll be soon finally holding it in my own hands. I wanted to share here a bit of what it is about.

"JavaScript Application Design" is a book about quality in JavaScript software design. The agenda is split between quality in our automation processes (build, testing, release, deployment) and quality in our development processes (creating modules, testing, refactoring, using MVC, dealing with asynchronous code, etc)

If you'd like to know more, chapters 4 and 5 are freely available from the website linked below.


You can also get it from Amazon, they're already taking pre-orders.
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Why do people even bother creating new module systems at this point?
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Been using EchoJS for 600+ days now, I'm pretty sure I've logged in on most of those days!
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I actually wasn't sure if anyone really would want that. It's good to know!
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figure them out? haha. use space and the arrow keys. shoot cubes at cubes and avoid the cubes other cubes shoot at your cube.