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albertgao 109 days ago. link 1 point
Thanks, I think this is much better compare to check that property name
albertgao 109 days ago. link 1 point
Thanks for pointing out this to me! So what's the best way to solve this? displayName as the other comment suggests? :)
albertgao 258 days ago. link 1 point
Agree with MaxArt, before I read this blog, I expected some answers like ‘Laravel is full featured framework’ where express.js is just a barebone…or, furthermore, in the node.js community, there is no such rivals…Sail.js can’t compete with Laravel ..And this is the only reason I could think of when it comes to the Laravel beats Express.js thing…. But The author didn’t mention….It seems that they just have a problem on learning javascript itself………….which is…..
albertgao 431 days ago. link 2 points
Finally get the idea,,,, it sounds like I think `closure` itself is wrong.....lame...need to fix it...thanks
albertgao 432 days ago. link 1 point
Yep, or to say, they are not precisely explained. Most of the explanations didn't touch the magic part. A function inside another function is hardly a magic, and if you only know the basic theory of closure, you will still don't know how to understand those famous closure examples online. This is why I wrote it.

example 2 to 3, you can consider it as another diving into.

Using `let` will make the last example meaningless, we just need to solve the legacy problem from `var`. But yes, you are right, mentioning it would be good.

And thanks for the grammar tips, fixed some of them. Hope there are much less. In the original edition, were there too many grammar mistakes? :(