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I have bad news for you. Phishing attacks do not even need a fake browser UI. Even if XFS attacks are almost all fixed today, you don't need an iframe: there are fake versions of thousands of websites out there, and some tools can automate this faking process while adapting to user language, OS, etc.
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then you are configuring PostCSS and Sass, but parcel itself is zero config. I think Fusebox could learn a lot from the #0cjs trend, just like webpack did with v4
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"People are still forced to configure it using package.json" > what are you talking about ?
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Did you just post 6 news for 6 JS frameworks the same day ? Come on, give us a break !
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this is an english website, post english content - un fran├žais
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My own experience of mind-blowing one line of JavaScript is 
uncurry = Function.bind.bind(;

Now, the line of code in the article can be replaced by:;

It took me hours to figure it out
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A one-line module, really ? Seems like we did not learn anything after the leftpad fail
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No problem, thanks for the details and your objectivity
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Plagiarism is ridiculously obvious here. Do as you want, it is not my credibility that is at stake