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Don't mix oranges with orange juice.

The post's sole purpose is to explain iterators in the most the accessible way. Generators are deliberately omitted because they're too complex, and, if mentioned, would introduce confusion to the reader.
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Good idea. You will find this message in the conclusion of the post too.
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The biggest cons of Cypress is the missing cross-browser support.
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Awaiting for "Announcing the merge of Inferno into React"
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"JavaScript Microcontroller" - sounds great for me!
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Thank you for the critique about the English, indeed it is not my first Language. My native languages are Romanian and Russian. 

I experience a bit of difficulties when writing in English: but I am learning from my mistakes and I hope to improve after more writing practices.  

I would be glad to receive the list of fixes to

The article meaning is not to present the events in chronological order. Exists situations when series of events are related to a specific technology. For example the XMLHttpRequest, so I decided to group them by that to accentuate the importance for JavaScript advancement. 

Thank you for the constructive critique.