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Yikes, sorry, didn't want to go against the rules, next time I'll keep an eye on it.
Thanks for helping!
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I'm not sure, but I think I can't delete my comment either (there should be a delete button, right?)
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Our tracker is used on various e-commerce sites for user behaviour tracking.
It can be used in SPA-s, but it's nor really important. Usually you can send events like a user viewed a product or put an item into the cart.
We are having some logic for sending out these events to our services by using the javascript tracker version of snowplow.
I mentioned we have to support IE8 but I can elaborate on that one: basically web ecommerce sites will use that tracker so we have to makse sure as much browsers are capable of using it as possible.
Hope my answer was specific enough.
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We have a lightweight tracker which can send events. Our current stack is Grunt/Browserify and Snowplow.
I have the chance to rewrite the whole tracker, but I’m a bit lost what tech stack to use.
The requirements include to be as small as possible and to be able to support old browsers like IE8.
I would like to use ES6 / TypeScript, but I’m afraid e.g. Webpack will blow up my bundle size which is not acceptable.
Do you have any suggestions for setting up such an environment?
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"ask your teacher about practical applications and you'll often get blank stares" - calling recursion a strictly theoretical pattern is a bit ignorant imo. Without recursion you wouldn't be able to deal with a lot of data structures.
To be fair the article mentions some uses, but calling it a "forgotten construct" is just wrong I think.