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jaleksic 332 days ago. link 1 point
@singhsaab you could and should have thought of this in advance, and also double checked on responsive modes. 
In any case, despite of not reaching the conclusion, you learned something and even shared that knowledge with others- that's good! :)
jaleksic 406 days ago. link 2 points
Should mention pushstate api and location state. The location is stateful and survives (direct) page reloads. Works with react-router as well. Useful for putting stuff "in the URL" without the user seeing it or it polluting the history, for example product IDs for a checkout page.
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Which api? The one called GitHub that lets you make cool markdowns with images? Mind blown indeed.
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Not sure what you mean, but I have a feeling.
Normally you wouldn't see the "navigated to" message, because quickly after it, devtools are restarted for the new page. Console and network logs are emptied and started again.

However, there is an option and a checkbox for "preserve log". If that is enabled, you should be able to see these messages because the old logs will not be removed when a new url is loaded.
jaleksic 498 days ago. link 2 points
Good stuff, interesting. However, I really had to laugh at "in a faster, better compiled, and optimized language like Python or Rust"
Still have to chuckle 🤭
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Messed up the title. Should be 

Bookmarklets for listing gitlab secrets and copy them