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deleteman 402 days ago. link 1 point
Hi Tracker1,

The official accounts responsible for posting articles from the blog (we can't really control authors or users sharing themselves) are me and fkereki. We've updated our profiles to reflect our involvement with the blog. 

From our part, we'll make sure double check articles before sharing them so avoid posting non-JS related ones or the occasional low-quality article.

Let me know if there is anything else we need to do, we appareciate your help with this.

deleteman 404 days ago. link 0 point
Hi, can we talk about this? I'm one of the reponsible people for the blog (not the only one), and we'd love to keep sharing our content here.
If you could point us to the low quality articles you mention (like an example) or the off-topic ones, so we can improve our sharing strategy and not pollute the space, we'd love to give it a try.

deleteman 911 days ago. link 5 points
Fair enough, but then again, it's been evolving for 4 years and it's surpassed React's performance in some aspects. It's not a direct substitution, but like the article states, it can be a great alternative is some cases.