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tracker1 325 days ago. link 1 point
Two popovers on this blog are *REALLY* f-ing annoying to say the least.  When looking at more than once a day, extra so.

If I want to share, I'll copy the address bar, or find a way.  If I want to subscribe, I'd probably figure that out too.  You're reaching a technical audience and these types of engagement patterns are a distraction to say the least.

I would suggest a fixed box in the lower right with a the standard share glyph/icon and a subscribe with an email glyph/icon.  When clicking one of those, then have the popover dialog come up.  NOTE: make room for it when scrolling to the bottom so it doesn't interfere with your footer.


row-reverse isn't the same as right alignment, it reverses the direction.  justify-content on your #3 would be how you would align right.

Other than that, decent writeup.