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orebla1 583 days ago. link 4 points
I am totally confused by the article.
I use factory functions all the time and they are as old as JavaScript.
Definitely nothing to with ES6+ 
Instead they benefit from the closure concept

function createTimer() {
   var count = 0;
   return {
      inc : function() { count++; },
      getCount : function() { return count; }, 
      reset :    function() { count = 0; } 
orebla1 649 days ago. link -2 points
I am not judging anybody, I was providing some genuine feedback. I respect that the guy is writing about JavaScript from Serbia. And I am one of the many people he can reach. So my two cents advice is too put more effort in his communication skills.
orebla1 649 days ago. link -4 points
I appreciate that, but it cannot be a valid reason for being  complacent.
And, by the way, I know many non-native speakers whose writing skills are amazing. 
It's because they put the effort
orebla1 649 days ago. link -6 points
I stopped reading it after the first line: 

"... that popularity goes to it's un-opinionated nature."

can we please use "its" when it's "its" that has to be used.