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tracker1 437 days ago. link 1 point
Post only really explains how to do react in a more angular-like paradigm for development using MobX and TypeScript.  I'll admit, it is more apples to apples than most ng v react articles.

All of that said, it's kind of pointless really.  The Angular shops are mostly sold as an upgrade path from their existing Angular 1.x knowledge and entropy of the framework.  Merits aside.  And I'll agree that React + Redux + more is very different as an approach.

The bigger differences come in when you have a very large project.  Now you have some weird web of stores, dependencies, and data flows.  React + Redux will scale complexity at a much lower incline that with other paradigms such as the ones in the article.  If all you have is a simple form, and a simple view, it's not a big deal.  When you have hundreds of custom components, and data stretching through many data sources, it becomes harder.

Not to mention the effort to shoehorn a GraphQL reference into the mix.