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jeromegn 1670 days ago. link 2 points
The sales pitch is horrible.

I like the idea of this small library, however "Baucis is tested with over 130 Mocha.js tests" does not sell it for me. 130 tests, that's nothing. I can see way more tests than that for something so complex. Think of all the weird kind of HTTP requests (headers, body, malformed urls, etc.), those need to be accounted for in the tests if it claims to be production-ready.

"Takes full advantage of Node and Mongo for awesome scalability" -> Please, those two things can create very unscalable solutions. The programming language has little to do with how scalable a program will be.

I do like though:

- semver for versioning
- Swagger integration
- Express compatibility

I just prefer less sales-y stuff. The audience is programmers, probably knowledgeable ones. The site should include less fallacies meant to sell.

One more thing: The site "looks" nice, but the first few scrolls are painful on my browser and I'm on powerful computer here with a dedicated graphics card.


wprl 1658 days ago. link 1 point
Thanks for pointing out these issues.  Feel free to open GitHub issues if you would like.

I'd be interested to know what you would like to see in a pitch — I love coding, but copy writing not so much, and we have been focusing as much budget/time on development as possible.  (In other words, yes the sales pitch is horrible :)

It's an interesting point about the number of tests.  Baucis is very well tested.  The reason the test number is "low" is because it is built on top of Mongoose and Express, which have their own extensive test suites.  (And they definitely cover the areas you mention.)  

Baucis will remain Express-compatible, but will be moving to a different web library because a competitor recently bought Express.  We've had to focus on code more than marketing, and are pretty excited about adoption rates relative to competitors with millions of dollars in funding and much larger teams.  We believe this is a testament to the quality of baucis.

If you could let me know your browser make/version we'd definitely like to address any issues around laggy UI.  

I'd have to disagree about Node and Mongo not affecting scalability and performance.  Because baucis takes full advantage of Node's streams and because Mongo offers clear paths to scaling out of the box, one need only define a Mongoose model and hook it into baucis to create simple APIs that have an immediately clear path to scalability.  

Sure you can write great APIs on other stacks, but having myself written APIs in C# + SQL Server and perl + MySQL, I can say from experience that while writing scalable APIs is absolutely possible on most stacks, it is not necessarily "awesome."

It's definitely not our intention to include "fallacies" in marketing text, so any other insight into what comes off as shinola would be very valuable input if you have time.


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