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mostafa-samir 1557 days ago. link parent 1 point
If you think of JavaScript as just a front-end scripting language, then you're somehow right. But JavaScript is more than a front-end scripting language now. With the introduction of Node.js and other JavaScript environments (like PhoneGap for mobile apps, and TideSDK for desktop apps), the way is open before JavaScript to enter the realm of complex software systems, and in my observation: JavaScript's prototypal oop syntax doesn't fit in this realm. I guess there're a lot of developers that share the same observation with me by the evidence of wide usage of Coffescript and Typescript that provides a syntactic "class" sugar and compiles to JavaScript.

Note that I said at the beginning that you're "somehow" right regarding the un-necessity of classes in front-end JavaScript, that's because that the introduction of HTML5 and its new APIs that interacts with the filesystem and DBs and so, the way became open for moderately complex applications that run in the browser. The same observation holds in this situation by the same evidences, in addition to that the ES6 standards includes that syntactic "class" sugar as it's widely believed that its easier in development than prototypal syntax.